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Monday, January 24, 2011

Tell Your Time: A New Must-Read E-Book!

Tell Your Time 300 by 250

I have been following Amy Lynn Andrews' blog for a while now, and she has been a great resource as I've started the process of launching my own website (coming Feb. 21, 2011!).  She recently published an e-book entitled, "Tell Your Time," which I highly recommend.  In it, Amy skillfully helps her readers through the process of determining life goals, prioritizing, breaking goals down into achievable daily or weekly tasks, and designing a unique schedule or routine to aid in the implementation of your goals.

Time management has probably been my #1 area of focus and change in this new year, and this book has truly helped me to achieve some outstanding results.  I haven't been the only beneficiary, though: my husband's schedule at work has also greatly benefited from the principles taught in this book.

Tell Your Time sells for $12, but right now you can get it for $9 when you use the code 9BUCKS at checkout.  It's an easy read and well worth the money.  Get your copy today!

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